Any VeloMini owners here?


New Member

I'm interested in such small folding electric bike, but since there are no Velomini dealers here in FL then I have several questions to owners:

1) What is the actual average range if you drive at top speed (12mph)? They claim 9-12 miles, but I guess that such measurements are usually made at some particular speed and such speed is not always a top speed?
2) How rider's weight affects range? My current weight is 185 lbs (without outdoor clothing), so I wonder if such weight is good or bad for such bike? I know that limit is higher, but anyway.
3) I read ( that such bikes have flexible frames which is not good. I guess it also depends on the rider's weight. I wonder what was the weight of the rider in the review and if you guys (owners) have same issues too?

Thank you!