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Hello everyone,

I am ready to purchase my first ebike and wanted to ask for advice on what the best "bang for the buck" ebike would be? I am 91kg, in the Army and stationed in Germany. My commute would be both on paved and dirt bike trails, with rolling hills, to and from work with a 1 way trip of 17km.

I am looking for a high quality, speed pedelec commuter that would hold up well off pavement and one that includes a city kit with a good lighting system. I am currently looking at the Specialized Vado Expert (comes out in July here in Stuttgart and I think it is the same as the Vado 5.0) and also a "used (10km)" 2016 Specialized Turbo S. They are both priced the same but the Turbo S does not have the city kit so that would be extra (if I can find a store online that will ship to an APO, AE address). Also, I'm not sure if a mid drive or hub drive would be best since both motors offered by Specialized have been praised for their performance!

I am open to any suggestions, or brands, so I spend my money wisely and can get a long lasting, quality machine.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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My advice would be to check out the bike shops, ride as many different bikes as you can.
Check out the ones you like on ebr. When you have a short list see if you can rent or get an extended test ride.
There are lots of good machines available.
Good luck in your search