An E-bike newbie


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I have a unique set of physical needs, and want a two wheeled bike to commute to my part time job. I currently have a CatTrike Villager with 81 gears & RideKick (used for peddle assist on some hills), but am required to park it in the car lot and walk a fair way - a two wheel version would fit in the bike rack.

What's unique is I am 68 (retired but working as a School bus driver to keep active), 6'4" and 290#, with a replaced knee, and a bad hip, making a "sport" riding position very uncomfortable, and a high bar unit difficult. However, I have been a motorcycle and bike rider my entire life.

I have looked at the Prodeco Mariner 500, and a number of similar units, and none come close to the capacity I need - I have looked at the A2B Metro, and it's almost impossible for someone my size to peddle... The bikes that seem to have the capacity seem to lean toward the "lay down" position, which I would avoid.

Do I have any real options in the 2 wheel E-bike market?
Dragon rider: the first thought that comes to mind are the Pedegos. Mainly because they are just big bikes and have a comfort riding style. The interceptor in particular has a large beefy frame.

I sure others have ideas, but the Pedegos were my first thought.
Another vote for the Pedego.
The Step Thru Cruiser is very accessible and has a good upright peddling position.