A problem with the Ancheer Electric Mountain bike motor cable


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I purchased a $615 Ancheer electric mountain bike and it lasted less than an hour before the rear motor wheel popped and went flat.

So, I follow e-bike guides to removing the screws and such and get to the part where I am supposed to remove the motor cable. Every single video (I watched over a dozen) told me to just unclick the motor cable, just detach it, no problem. Turns out the Ancheer doesn't have one, or I am blind. The motor cable seems to flow through the wheel itself inside of a metal tube and I cannot find any part of the cable lead that actually ends up at a junction. There is nowhere to detach the cable to actually remove the wheel. Worse, it looks like the inner tube actually adheres to the metal rims. I am unable to use any levers to remove the tire even partially.

I have asked the company for aide but have received none so far. I have no clue what to do at this point. The only thing I can think of is that the cable removes itself inside the enclosure battery hub area where all the cables lead to, but I am told opening this voids the warranty. Odds are good I am just going to demand a refund.

Help is immensely appreciated.
You might want a linear tube like this one. Should be very handy out in the field.


Huffy makes one, and so does Gaadi. I bought one of both for about $10 each. The Gaadi sells on Amazon. I found the Huffy at a local store,

You won't ever have to take off a wheel. Use a tire iron to pop open the tire bead. Cut the old tube. Etc. Etc. One thing. The ends of the tube look like they snap tigether. They do not.
Thank you, both! I was told the motor cable detaches at the junction box and this guy proved otherwise. Can't thank you enough.