Changing over to Uart motor


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Well, all you E bike builders,
I have decided to switch over to my new Uart Ultra Bafang 620/510 motor,
and set the Canbus motor on the shelf for back up use if needed.
I'll also be installing a V-2 Eggrider display to tuning, then switch over to a
standard Bafang display, when finished.

I need some Ideas/help on how to do a correct bench test and to make sure
everything works right, and I have the correct parts I need and everything is connected correctly.

I have a single battery power cord to connect the battery to the main harness cable
that leads to the motor.
I think, I have all the parts needed now and they are all Uart compatible, I hope.

The area's of concern are the speed censor, since I won't have it connected to the bike to have wheel RPM's read via the magnet. (I know I am going to get error code.)

Brake cutoff's are working (not connected to bike).

How do I make sure it works for both of these parts, when NOT attached to the bike?

Then, after I make sure everything is working and installed right, then the fun starts,
as I'll also be using a V-2 Eggrider display to tune for the way I like to ride on trails,
using a single battery only, then switch over to a standard Bafang display
and dual battery's, for normal riding....

I am sure there there will be more questions later on.............LoL

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions,
so I don't let out all the magic smoke from all these parts..............
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