400+ Brands???


There has to be nearly 400 brands of bikes listed in this forum under "Discussion by Brand & User Reviews". And now, 2 nearby dealers have taken on brands that aren't even listed here! One is selling "Troxus" and another is selling "Reid". Do you suppose there are just a handful of Chinese factories churning out ebikes and slapping different stickers on them??
I am not familiar with the e-bike manufacturers, but in the analogue world, Giant is, I believe, now the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, followed by Merida (e.g., Specialised bicycles are made in the main by Merida and Merida is or was a significant shareholder). Both Giant and Merida make their own bicycles and bicycles for other manufacturers. If it is made in Taiwan, there is a good chance it has come out of a Giant or Merida factory.