2022 Surface 604 Werk range test


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Central Florida
tldr; The trip odometer was at 50.9 miles and 42V.

Finally got around to a point where I could ride until the battery pretty much gave up power. No throttle, but still have some assist still. This was accomplished over 3 rides due to it being to darned hot/rainy in Florida these days.

Bike: Surface 604 2022 Werk with the 20Ah battery.
The "major" modification is I changed from a 40T to a 42T chainring. The 42T still fits in the plastic housing without any modifications. Other mods are the usual stuff; suspension seat post, new selle rispiro seat, ergon GC1 biokork grips (awesome for these style handlebars), and crankbrothers stamp 1 large pedals.

Weight on bike was myself, the spare battery, tools, drinks, and bags. Maybe totaling 195lbs.

Ride(s): Top assist level. Some throttle as needed for starts or laziness to get to speed.

Terrain: Central Florida on essentially flat multi use trails.

When I started the ride today the trip odometer was at 29 miles (pretty accurate, I ride with a garmin also) and the voltage was at 48.2V.
When I could no longer use the throttle, but power assist was still there, I pulled over to change the battery.
The trip odometer was at 50.9 miles and 42V.

I am highly impressed with the range. Even further than what Electricbikereport (45.88miles) was able to get on the top PAS. Unlike like my Himiway cruiser, I had pretty consistent power up till the end. On the cruiser, I can tell the battery is going about 5 miles from the end. This wasn't as noticeable. It was closer to the last mile before I could tell the battery was giving up. But also it is not a true apple to apple comparison of the 2 bikes.

When things cool down here I will recreate the range test in one ride with the same top level pas setting. Then i will drop the assist level down and ride again.

Hope this helps someone if they are looking at getting a Surface 604.