I guess I'll have to get new pedals?


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I got out for a 30+ miles ride yesterday, took Juggs cross county to get used to trail riding, I had a major problem, my right foot kept sliding off the rights side pedal, the studs would not hold my boot on the pedal. (I have had no problems with the WART HOG's pedals.)
So, I compared the pedals and found there was 6 less studs and the studs were rounded off as compared to the WH, which has sharp flat topped studs, and longer length.
So I am looking for new pedals with 16 sharp flat topped studs.

I also found that the thumb throttle surges VERY Badly in the 10-15 mph range, (my usual riding range), so that will get changed out also, to a left 1/2 twist throttle. Other than those 2 problems, I ended up with 49.8v left on the main battery starting with 57.6v and 45 total miles of riding so far, and I still have not touched the extra battery.
It was a very good ride with the temps around 45* and little to no wind. I do notice the difference between the 4" wheels (Jugg 4) and the 4.5" wheels on the WH. The Jugg 4 seems a little more responsive than the WH, but I don't have it set up yet to the WH, and there is a 25+ weight difference, between them.
Star Peak, Humbolt Range, just over 10,000', I 'll have to wait till late July to maybe get up there.
Looking West into the Trinity Range, rode up to the snow line and then came back via a 4x4 road.
Yours thoughts or suggestions......
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You know, after decades of using clipless pedals, on both road and mountain, I tried studded platforms when I got into bikepacking. It was quite a learning curve, I had the hardest time landing my feet on the sweet spot and keeping my feet on the studded pedals. I wasn’t slipping, I was pulling my feet off on the back strokes. But after several weeks of constant use I finally got use to them and I love my Crank Brothers Stamp 7’s.
I upgraded to Rockbros 4 bearing MTB pedals on my fat tire ebike (Amazon, $35). They are slightly larger/wider than my original pedals; which, I like because I wear size 14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XH9T43J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1


I also purchased Northwave MTB Escape Evo riding shoes back in 2018 (Amazon, $90). I had an issue with my foot slipping with my old Nike running/X-training shoes and too much foot flex on the pedals. The Northwave MTB shoes have stiff bottom and an option for clips-in. Waaaaay more comfortable, no slipping with upgraded pedals, and less stress on my foot/arch if my foot isn't in the right pedal position. They last forever because I only wear them on the ebike (+5500 ebike miles)

Northwave shoes.jpg