Internal Battery shows 100% charge on MySmartBike App and on Iwok and does not change.

Plumm Bob

New Member
I had been off of my 2019 M20i Gain with the X35 motor for about three weeks and the battery was at 64%. I was going for a thirty mile ride today which would normally consume about 50% of the battery's charge. So I charged it up to 100% and paired with the MySmartBike app on my phone at the beginning of the ride. I actually started the ride on my app after about the first half mile when I might have been out of cell service. I noticed as the ride progressed that the battery level stayed at 100% and the range miles never decreased on the app. The speed, time and assistance levels all seemed to record correctly on the app and the lights on the Iwok lit with the correct assistance level, but the lights indicating the battery charge do not change as the charge is used up. I have done a reset on the ebike system (hold down the Iwok button for 20 seconds) and it still indicates the battery at full charge (white light) and on the app. The Mahle Dashboard and the MySmatBike app indicate 0 watts consumed on my ride and the discharge graph stays at 100% for the durration of the ride. The assistance level graph does indicate the various levels that I used on this ride. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know the solution? Is this a battery pairing problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.