2017 Urban ... DIY assembly?

Hi, I am considering buying an Urban from OHM, but they do not seem to offer any type of assembly in my area (Albuquerque NM).

Is it doable to self assemble what OHM ships, or do you really need a bike pro to put it together?
@RoastedPepperHead, what OHM ships is going to be probably 90% or more assembled. You may need to put the front wheel on and tighten down the handlebars & install pedals at most but everything else will be done. If you've done any sort of tweaking on other bikes you've owned, this assembly will be easy. Do you have a local bike shop that you've worked with before? If so, one of the options OHM offers is to send your bike to them for assembly and you go there to pick it up.

I recommend you call OHM at 866-646-2925 and ask for details about how the bike will come in the box. They're a great team with some super bikes. Michael deVisser & the staff are friendly and good at returning calls if you leave a message. If you are able to pick up the bike from a local shop, OHM might even be able to recommend one that they've worked with before.