2017 Latest and Greatest eBike Smartphone Mounts?


What is the best bicycle smartphone mounts on the market today?

Or if you know of any new bicycle smartphone mounts coming out in 2017?

I have been hearing a lot about magnetic mounts for autos lately, and wasn't sure if this technology may be the next trend in bicycle mounts for smartphones as well?

I currently use a Lifeproof mount that works very well, but I have recently upgraded my smartphone to the iPhone 7 Plus. Before I go out to buy new phone accessories to fit the new phone, I figured I would ask the EBR community for your opinion of the best e-bike smartphone mounts?

Not sure what kind of mount you are interested in , but I test rode a new Urban Plus model Hai Bike that had a nice smart phone mount in center of the handlebars.
I know if I spent that kind of money on a phone it wouldn't ever go on my handlebars!

I have a Moto e ($40) from freedompop (free service, including 500mb of data a month) that I strap on with a minimalist finn universal bike mount which is super easy to use. Phone is splash proof so no water worries...not that it would be the end of the world at forty bucks.
I have the Virelli Universal phone mount, Amazon, $20, for my iPhone 6S plus. I also have an Mophie wireless charging juice pack case and that increases the size of my iPhone. I've used the Virelli on my other bikes when I had the smaller iPhone 4S. The spring loaded clamp and rubber stays can hold my old 4S with Mophie case and new 6S Plus with Mophie case equally on my 13 mile work commute or trail riding on the weekends.

I added the BM Works Speed Extender, Amazon, $20, because the iPhone 6S Plus was so big and I had limited real estate on my Radrover handle bars. Adding the BM Works, I can swing the iPhone landscape or vertical for best viewing. The Virelli comes with 3 rubber straps and I needed to add a 2nd strap to accommodate the larger 6S Plus+case.

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