Bosch eBike Flow App Details & Settings


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Hi guys, I created a complete and detailed walkthrough for the Bosch eBike Flow smartphone app (for Android and iOS). This display panel is designed to work with a new generation of Bosch electric bike products called "The Smart System". In order to connect your phone, the bike needs to be outfitted with a Bosch LED Remote which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0. I created a separate guide and review for this hardware here, as well as a guide for the Bosch Kiox 300 here. The eBike Flow app may be changed and expanded over time, but the primary use case at the time of review was to manage a Bosch user profile, track rides and associated stats, adjust Eco and Turbo pedal assist modes (including assistance level, power application, max speed, and max torque), and perform software updates. Earlier generations of Bosch eBike Systems required a dealer to perform software updates. Bosch is providing data about is systems to third parties to enable internet of things (IOT) possibilities which are shown later in a marketing video. This may allow for automatic seat height adjustment related to the rider, locking and unlocking the bike, gamified rides and stats visible with augmented reality glasses, and automatic alerts and power adjustments related to planned activities. I was surprised that the app is called eBike Flow vs. The Smart System, and it took me a bit of extra time to double check this before downloading the app. Prior-generation electric bike systems from Bosch use separate smartphone apps called Bosch eBike Connect or the SmartphoneHub.


As always, I appreciate your corrections, additions, and will do my best to provide answers and clarification as needed! Hope you're well :)
I still don't see any developer resources available to entice potential Third Parties to become Bosch ebike systems IOT developers/producers?
Still only COBI stuff.