2016 iZip E3 Dash - Motor cutting out unexpectedly


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I just picked up a brand new (had been sitting on the dealer's rack) 2016 iZip E3 Dash. Love the bike overall, but it has an annoying issue and I'm not sure if it's a faulty motor or a design flaw.

When riding along with assist at level 4 there are times where I can feel the motor just cut out for a second then comes back. The result is a slight "lurch" forward. It's the same feeling you get when hitting 28 mph, but it's happening in the teens and low 20's. It seems to happen a lot when the grade changes slightly down (like 1%), or when I'm pedaling at the top of a gear (e.g. I should shift up, but haven't yet). Nothing abnormal is shown on the display.

My first thought is that it's the cadence sensor, but the issue happens even when I'm careful to not change my pedal speed. Torque sensor would be a good candidate, but I don't believe this bike has one.

I'm planning to call iZip this week, but wondering if anyone else had seen this issue?
My 2013 Dash did that sort of thing. It would sometimes cut out for miles at a time. I don't know how many parts it shares with the new Dash construction (the older ones have a rear hub motor instead of the chain drive motor) but I would think it's something to do with the sensors in the pedals...
I've also read numerous other reports of similar problems so I think it's pretty common.
On the plus side mine stopping doing this after about 10k miles...
2016 Dash has a poorly integrated torque sensor that causes a lot of stress on the motor and is essentially faulty, I know because I had one and had to have two replacements within six months and for the second replacement they gave me a 2017 Dash and my LBS/izip dealer told me it because of the faulty motor/torque sensor integration. 2017 doesn’t have the torque sensing but that’s probably just to save cost, The 2016 Dash is a fun bike until it isn’t. Izip is unendingly frustrating. Especially with mid drives.