1. B

    Folding E-Bike Shipping Case

    Hello. Does anyone have a good and reasonably priced option for a *sturdy* shipping case for the Qualisports Dolphin, maybe that they already know to work? I have the dual battery, but I figure the question applies to all versions of the Dolphin. I'd like to be able to ship the bike by ground...
  2. SRTtoZ

    FS: Evelo Dash Folding eBike. Less than 100 miles, $2000 takes it.

    For sale is my EVELO Dash folding eBike from EVELO. It's in immaculate condition, barely used, less than 100 miles on it. Has an upgraded Thudbuster ST Seatpost with a nice upgraded seat for a softer suspension. Also comes with an EVELO Dash cargo bag for the back as well as a nice EVELO locking...
  3. G

    Which ebike should I get for day-to-day use?

    Hey, everyone. I am trying to pick an ebike, but I'm struggling a lot. I live in NYC and have been thinking of getting a folding ebike, but I have been thinking about it and I might be open to a non-folding bike too. I've mainly been looking at folding bikes since I use public transport a decent...
  4. N

    Here's a Origami Bicycle Crane folding 20" road bike w/ BBS02 I did a few years ago!

    So Origami Bicycles makes these really cool analog folding bike kits that come shipped in a normal checked baggage luggage suitcase, and inside the luggage is a trailer kit to turn the suitcase into a bike trailer, along with these highly functional 20" bikes for road touring. We got them for...
  5. nate_lynch

    Montague Allston Conversion

    Hi all, I'm looking at converting a Montague Allston and am curious what kits you all would recommend? Looking at a front hub motor and a battery that mounts on the downtube or on bottle cage bosses. I'd like to convert the Montague Allston because: 1.) Bike storage in my building is down a...
  6. locksley

    A Detailed Purchasing Question

    Hello! I'm looking into purchasing my first e-bike. I've been researching my options and I've been coming to some conclusions, but there are so many angles to consider -- I'm hoping the community can help. First: I'm looking for a potential car replacement and this creates certain bike...
  7. H

    NOS; Easy Motion Neo Volt 20" wheel, motor, controller

    Never ridden. Only used by LBS to troubleshoot another bike . Has misc. wiring to connect to Neo Volt battery. No display. No battery included. Make offer.
  8. J

    Disability- need some unbiased advice

    Hi everyone! I'm about to purchase a folding e-bike (choose this category for space considerations) and would like your advice before spending (to me) a big investment in trying to regain some health. Through a surgery 'mishap' (well, they DID save my leg) I now have neuropathy on the bottom of...
  9. B

    Choosing between folding bikes & the local shops that sell them

    It'll be a commuting bike that will be stored in my trunk, as I live in a walk-up without an elevator. My commute is ~4 mi each way with ~1.5mi long hill, and I used to do it on my pedal-powered hybrid but now I get too sweaty for the workplace & need another option. I'm currently deciding...
  10. P

    folding all terrain e-bike for hilly terrain

    Newbie here! Ex mountain biker and rock climber with a damaged knee on the search for the fitting e-bike. After purchase of a 250 watt e-scooter that is supposed to go 15 miles I found it to be only good for 4 miles on flat terrain. Bummer!!! After that disappointment I made up my mind and...
  11. ceej

    Joulvert Stealth? (Folding eBike)

    Evening! I'm looking for a decent folding bike. Has anyone tried/owned the Joulvert Stealth? There doesn't seem to be any online reviews, the bikes specs/looks seem pretty solid. My other option is the Sondors Fold X with the upgraded 7-Speed gear. Has anyone owned a Sondors and have any...
  12. joseph w


    I'm looking for my first electric bike, but here's the thing. i live in NYC. after a lot of detailed researching, i have figured out EXACTLY the requirements that need to be met in order for me to LEGALLY ride an e-bike in NYC. if anyone would be so kind as to help me find the best bike that...
  13. T

    E-Bike for petite woman

    Hi everyone, I'm super new to this forum and actually everything bike-related because I haven't owned a bike since I was 13 haha. Anyway, I need some help to find a bike that'll fit my needs. A bit about myself: I'm in my twenties, 5 feet and weigh 110 pounds. I'm currently living in a farm in...
  14. Sumant

    Folding E-Bike - Best option?

    Hi, I commute using I ride my current bike to home to train station , train station to office and same in return. Total ride goes about 7 - 9 miles a days. But everyday doing it makes boring and climbing hill in SF is no fun. I had bought EcoReco S5 - I returned that after a month use...
  15. Chris Nolte

    New Bosch Powered Tern Folder coming 2017

    We're super excited about the Bosch Powered Tern bike shipping early next year. We got the news at the Taipei show, but we had to hold our tongue until (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) I wrote up a brief article discussing the specs I deduced from the images they provided. Check it out here...
  16. V

    New 20" from Magnum

    Anyone have any experience with folding, 500w "Magnum Premium", is it good deal? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  17. ihorkit

    [Survey] with your help a rider-oriented bike may hit the road

    Hello everyone! My name is Ihor. I'm a marketer and electric bike enthusiast. We are researching a possibility to make an foldable ebike. Please contribute 3 minutes of your time to this short survey here: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) P.S. in reward for valuable input will provide short...
  18. R

    Electric bicycle, folded, for large riders

    Hi there, I am new here. I was looking in the forums before I posted here, but couldn't find the right bike for me. I am 6.1 feet (1.87 m) and weight 212 lbs (96 kg). I live in a big city with tough inclines, and I need my bikes for commuting around 10-15 km a day. (back and forth) I would...
  19. Gene Keyes

    24 lb. (!) 16" folding e-bike

    I've been searching EBR and the Web for 16" e-bikes, and after posting that article [in Other] on the gazillions of e-bikes in China, I suspected that might be a place to look, especially Alibaba. Initially here in Canada I found something for $1,499 called EBikeBC UltraLight Foldable...
  20. 5threeone

    Qwic Smart Urban Folder

    This Dutch made e-bike was my eventual choice after some months of searching. It has proved to be exactly what I needed. The quality of build is almost entirely of non-corrosive parts. Now after six months of use through summer and into winter I truly have become attached to the e-bike...