Zen Photon Pro- Preorder | 1040Wh UL Certified battery | 500W nominal/900W peak power Torque-sensing motor w/ Throttle | USD 2999 | CAD 3999

17" Photon Pro Geometry


19" Photon Pro Geometry

Sounds like it's potential uses are more than a loT 🙃
And though a bit techie.... I'm not ways fond of being tied to the cloud.

Cloud interface is extremely valuable for owners of both individual bikes and fleets.
We are working with a partner on developing this infrastructure so each user can know exactly what the SoC and SoH are and be able to detect anomalies and take necessary action.

How much will the loT add to the cost of the bike?
which bike is best for someone around 175cm tall?
Photon Pro in 17" would be perfect for them.
We are working on the exact upgrade cost because if the end-user purchases the SIM card, the cost would be different compared to offering the SIM. For now, it would be a $190 upgrade (approx number)
Not that I am a conspiracy theorist, but I do know that the government can get access to your account on the cloud. 😎
I'm dying for some updates!! Let's see the bikes being built!! :p

We will share very shortly.
The container was released from the port, but the truck guys forgot to produce documents for the port authorities. It is hard to put into words the amount of frustration we experience dealing with shipping and freight companies.
They were supposed to bring the container to our facility yesterday evening, and then we followed up this morning. Our team has spent more than 5 hours on the phone, and we are hoping that they will drop off the container either later this evening or tomorrow.
I drove 18wheelrs for awhile and would sometimes "loose" the Bill Of Laden paperwork. Never intentionally, but it would blow away and I didn't bother chasing it. I might chase a $20 bill but not paperwork. I hear container ships are much worse at paperwork/record keeping. I dreaded port drop container pick-ups.
Lets face it if you live a developed country and have ANY online presence it can be found and intercepted or spied on whatever word you like to use.