Yuba Sweet Curry


Does anyone else have the Yuba Sweet Curry ? I can't find any personal videos with the Yuba Sweet Curry.

This is my new Yuba Sweet Curry. Still have lots of Customizing to work on …. should be ready for pick up next week. This will be my main transportation (I don't have a car. Gave up driving around 10 years ago). I have serious problems with my knees and high blood pressure, so I can't pedal much anymore.

The Battery Box is finished and installed. This box will hold four LiFePo4 20A batteries. Should give me around 120 miles range with no pedaling. Notice the Charging Ports: 2 USB, 1 Cigarette Lighter charging port, and 1 port to charge the batteries. The Alarm will be inside the front of the box, under the seat.

Nice box. How much weight did that add to the bike?

The battery box is made of solid, heavy, Oak, and weighs around 20 pounds. So, the four LiFePo4 batteries and battery box together weigh around 100 pounds !!! The Yuba Sweet Curry weighs 44 pounds. The hub motor weighs around 12 pounds.
You will go far!!!

Yes, I can now enjoy touring, although I can no longer pedal much anymore, due to health issues. I had pretty much given up on ever being able to tour, until I discovered the eBike.

There are several long legs of my first and second tours, around 70 miles, where I might not be able to charge, so the extra batteries will allow me to continue with no problem.