Where's My XP?

I think they're getting it together.

I'm supposed to pick up mine tomorrow morning at FedEx so I think I'm going to get good and drunk this evening so if anything goes wrong I'll be in the right place mentally to handle it like the macho guy I am and break down and weep in public. I'm thinking it's a good look. :)
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Order date 8/5. Order #36XX.
One black bike, one white bike. Got notification today that labels were created for both.
Expected delivery date is Monday, 9/23
Right now tracking shows the black one has arrived in Arcadia from the City of Industry.
No movement on the white one.
Both being delivered to California.
I got my shipping label notice today for order 36XX ordered early August. Mine actually says in transit to be delivered on the 25th. It was blank this morning so things do appear to be moving.
I understand. Just the wording. I'm not in any real hurry, just really weird how the no I numbering system has shipped.