Where's My XP?

Same here, order #584x placed October 4th, label created Oct 11th with estimated delivery date of Oct 17th. Today is October 21st and the bikes haven't been scanned at FedEx in California yet (and I live in Florida so they have a long way to travel). :( I made the mistake of telling my 15yo son they were expected October 17th.
We booked a camping trip starting Nov 3rd, I reeeeeeeally hope the bikes arrive in time!
Order #569x (white), placed 9/25. Got an email 10/10 that my order was on it's way and that I should get it 10/15. Was totally blown away that it would ship so soon (was expecting at least a 5-8 week wait based on posts I've read here).

10/15 comes and goes, and now my delivery is in pending status. Several days go by, and I check with customer service about delivery. I get a response same-day telling me they're pushing Fedex to get them out asap and should expect it the following week.

The next day I finally get some movement from FedEx and a scheduled delivery of 10/21.

Just received my Lectric XP an hour ago and now it's unwrapped and on the charger. :)
Update: My boxes finally started moving this morning! WOOHOOO!
Order placed Oct 4
Label created Oct 11
Package scanned at FedEx Oct 22
Expected delivery to Florida Oct 25