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Hello all, I live in Florida, and I don’t think there’s a single Haibike retailer within a 1,000-mile radius. Could anyone suggest a reliable online dealer? I’ve narrowed down my choice to the Xduro Hardseven. Thanks in advance for any advice you could offer.
I placed an order for a SDuro Cross SM with EBikesofNE on Monday. After the initials email response to my order I haven't heard anything back and they didn't charge my credit card. I tried calling yesterday but there was no answer at their 800 number and their local number was always busy. I'll let you know how it all turns out but they seem kind of flaky.
Thanks for a suggestion, Hugh. I checked but they didn’t have any 2016 Xduro Hardsevens and a comparable 2017 model is almost $2k more. I just can’t convince myself that the improvement between 2016 and 2017 justifies the price differential.
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I just noticed that a prior post of mine was edited because EBR doesn't allow mention of online discounters, probably because EBR wants to help support local bike stores. I respect that, and I'm editing this post to reflect that.

I did have a good experience with purchasing online from a certain mentally-disturbed individual in WI, and I'll leave it at that.
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LOL! "mentally-disturbed individual". I, too, purchased from said individual. I e-mailed and spoke with them on the phone many times. I finally realized I probably really needed the walk mode only available on the 2017 XDUROs. Crushed after being lured there for the low prices on 2016 models, they ended up giving me a great deal on brand new bike. I'd have rather bought it locally, but could not find any of the bikes I was looking at anywhere near me. And the Haibikes I did find were all being sold for list price - even some of the older models. I did have my bike shipped to my (non-E) LBS because I didn't trust a delivery that expensive to my apt building and, at best, UPS would just dump the 72 lb box in our lobby. Thanks to Velo Bike Shop in Seattle for offering to serve as the destination and assemble it - and none of this "oooh it's an e-bike, we don't touch those" crap.
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