Vintage Electric Cruz Video Review

Ann M.

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Head turning from all angles, it's a monster that pretty much keeps on rolling once you get the 85 lbs going. An accessory pin let's the rider bypass the 20mph, 750 watt stock motor settings for a more speedy 30+mph! Outfitted with Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes you've got the safe stopping ability along with a classic LED headlight that doesn't pull much energy from the battery. The charger port is also designed to do firmware upgrades in the future. What a ride! The Cruz from Vintage Electric Bikes is a robust, high powered and potentially high-speed cruiser style electric bike styled to resemble the board track racing bikes of the 1920's, optional Race Mode pin for 30+ mph. built on a custom steel frame that dampens vibration but flexes more than the Tracker model which is built on Aluminum, the longer cruiser bars support a more comfortable upright body position. Gearless direct drive motor is sturdy but also heavy, since there are no moving gears inside it operates extremely quietly and also provides regeneration when activated. Solid year long warranty, lots of upgrades including pedal assist, a rear rack and custom paint, the battery is not removable and the bike is very heavy at ~87 lbs.
i do not understand why all cables are still outside and not integrated in the frame....if the bike gets wet this is a real problem! Especially the cables that run to the motor, are very vulnerable. I had to retrofit all the cables on my etracker to stay safe in the rain.
Can someone tell me how to adjust the PEDAL ASSIST feature on my VE CRUZ Ebike. It has the 3000 watt option but I don't use it. I want to get more exercise. I want to lower the amount of assist. It is to easy to pedal.
Also who works on Vintage Electric E-Bikes in Los Angeles. Although my bike has hardly been ridden I want to give it a tune up & order another set of tires.
Thank You
Marc Fogel
310 684 0599
[email protected]