Vado SL or a more powerful bike?

I currently own a Trek Allant 9.9s with a 85nm motor and 1125 watts of battery power (Two batterries). This is my first e-bike, had it about a year, and I like the power it offers. I am considering buying another e-bike, the Trek Domane+ SLR7 with a 50nm motor/250watt, it comes with a 360 watt battery and I would add the 160 watt battery extender for a total of 520 watts of battery power. One big complaint I have with all chain driven bikes is the high maintenance on the chain and cassette. I would buy a belt driven e-bike but I have not found one I like that offers manual shifting, I do not like the auto-shift hubs.
As for comfort, the Kinect seat post, Ergon SMC saddle, Thudbuster stem, and 47mm Pirelli Centurato tires put me in a very comfortable place.

I was typing that through COVID which, though having four vaccines, I got quite sick from. Feel like I’ve been dreaming for the past 8 days, really weird. Anyway, I have the Shockstop stem and seat post. WTH is a Thudbuster stem??? 😂
6 months ago I restarted training twice a week with two different personal trainers after covid hiatus. During my down time I had lost muscle. After 6 months of training I have doubled my strength. I am 70 and own a Vado 5 SL EQ - since getting stronger I now ride all the flats in “off” mode and use Eco, Trail, Turbo gauged to terrain steepness. I guess my point is this; the specs of these eBikes are locked in amber but your body isn’t.