Turbo Creo motor noise


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Love my Creo in almost every way but have no clue about how the motor works. When it is at its noisiest what explains the noise? What is going on in the motor that makes the noise? Often louder when climbing and spinning in the lowest gears.
There's a guy on YouTube who does vidoes about Brose motor repair, so you can see a teardown to see what's inside.

It's probably always louder when making more power but at high speeds you can't hear it over other noise.
Can't hear mine over my heavy breathing - lol. It is the gear down system that makes all the noise. The TQ motor for example has far less moving part and hence being quieter. The new SL1.2 motor has been tuned be be quieter to
it’s loudest at high power, high cadence, going slowly up a big hill. at lower power levels or lower cadence it’s quieter, and that sound is also masked more by the other noises of going fast.