Turbo Creo Comp Carbon SL rattle on rough roads


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I have ridden my Turbo Creo Comp Carbon SL for 8 month. I ride paved roads, but most are very rough. After about 4 months it develped a pronounced rattle. My Specialized shop mechanic suggested removing all slack on the cables entering the downtube. I did that and it helped but did not eliminate the problem completely. Has anyone else had the same issue? Any solutions?
As for removing slack, in the huge Creo thread there was someone that said the splitter cable (one you can use for a light or remote) can often knock against the downtube so it was fixed by taping to loose cable with electrical tape.

I was also getting a rattle what sounded like it was from the mid-drive area, very annoying since this $7k bike sounded like a broken toy when going over rough patches of road.

Later, my bike would fall over and I bent the rear derailleur hanger and decided to bring it into the shop to fix just the hanger. After the mechanic fixed the hanger, I took the bike to the park and the rattle is now gone!