Trike for two


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I am in need of a motor assist trike for two. My son is 16, has autism and is a flight risk so teaching him to ride a bike on his own is not an option. He has no physical limitations but when he was younger and on the tow behind, he would stop peddling so a motor assist bike is the only way we can ride again. It would need a basket between the back wheels so his service dog has a place to ride. I would greatly appreciate help for this problem. Thank you.
Thank you, unfortunately that was purchased in New York and I live in London, Ontario, Canada; but I will keep looking.
Hi Deborah! Better late than never maybe? I have a 36 yo son 200 lbs with autism- same issues you describe. I’ve had a Terra Trike with a tandem extension that I’ve used for 4 years. It was fitted with a hub assist motor. My sone loves being taken out on it! We do struggle to get more than a 20 mile range for rides without the battery getting depleted- it’s a heavy bike and a heavy load, with not a lot of pedaling coming from his side, but just keep an eye on the miles.
I don't know the exact answer to your question, but I do know that Utah Trikes does custom work for special situations. They have been very helpful when I have called them for information. You actually talk to a real person the first time you call. You can get on their website and chat with them also. They also build quads if that would help you also.
Hope this helps and isn't too late.
Late response, but this seems like something useful for diabled passengers.