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Bit of a long shot and i was hoping a forum like this might be able to help. A somewhat ebike related question in that I'm looking to find and source an Ebike kit for a wheelchair.

A similar set up uses one of these controllers from KT but i have been unable to find a direct example online. The model number i have is missing some digits i have KT/36/48ZWSR-****23XL

It is paried with a throtle and display controller, battery and finally a 12inch hub motor wheel.

Just wondering if anyone had any idea how i might be able to replicate the equipment so i can complete the set up on my own.


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It's KT. Their sensorless controllers are the square wave models. It's hard to find them with the round motor plug. Most are sold with bullet connectors, but you can always splice in a round motor plug to the controller harness. and it's only three wires, if that's what your motor has. You also need to specify the voltage. Easier to find the smaller wattage controllers in 24V and 36V.

If you're buying everything, including the motor, then you might just get a sensored motor. Makes finding a controller easier.