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Hello all, I'm new to the forum and am glad this is here. I've been drooling over the ODK for a few months now and will be pulling the trigger on a 15ah in the next week or so. I am super pumped to transfer to ebike for commute to work(3 miles), and popping into the grocery store on my way home. I had a concern about the lack of suspension and was curious if anyone has swapped out the stock seatpost with the Thudbuster. This was brought to me as a suggestion from Court from EBR. There's are many accessories I'm wanting to add to this beauty, just wanted to get some insight from actual Riders riders. HA

Cheers from Northeast, PA.
Yes, many people have swapped the seat post with the Thud Buster. It takes out all the bumps and you "float" on the seat.

The V2 bikes (see image) and some very early V3 bikes used a slightly larger seat post. We have since retooled the seat tube specifically so it is easy to install the Thud Buster 31.6mm unit without a shim. We also made the tube lower as the Thud Buster raises up the minimum seat height.


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I didn't know what an ODK was so did some searching.Really fine e-bike Tora you are behind. I watched a ton of videos, and really shows that Juiced riders provide a unique bike. Reasons for tire size and tube thickness was interesting. We have a dealer that has some, I'll want to test ride one now , after learning more through videos I see how much goes into research and the designing of Juiced bikes.
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Suntour makes an alternative called the SP12 NCX - I have it and it is pretty nice. You can't really find it in the US (and it is expensive here for some reason), I bought it from a german bike site shipped to my door for under $80 - it is a solid and good value alternative.

Here is a link to the site I bought from, had it within a week: