Lectric upgrades, swaps and insights

I couldnt ever find that rattle.. thought it was the Stem or in that area.. Sold the bikes either way..

I do have 2 batteries and a silver box for the original version for sale if anyone is interested
How much for the batteries and shipping? Is it for the non-step through?
A little history. These are the 3rd electric bikes that we have owned. We are retired and in our 60's and live in a condo.

We purchased 2 Lectric bikes back in April 2022 after taking a test ride in PHX. I have the white step thru XP 2.0 and hubby has the the regular black XP 2.0.

I really didn't like the straight handlebar after the first home ride. It caused wrist pain and I felt like I was reaching forward. I broke my wrist back in October 2021 and my wrist can't be bent in that position. I ordered a 25 degree sweep-back handlebar from Amazon the next day. What a difference! I sit totally upright now and my wrists are loving this relaxed position. I also feel more in control with the new handlebar.

We swapped out the saddle for a gel Serfas that I had on my old bike.

The cockpit is still a little cramped for accessories so we ordered small black brass bells. A local bike shop had a water cage that matched the sky blue decals on the bike. Score! Plus a Polar water bottle.

We are transportation riders, for errands and grocery runs. I got a market basket for the back.

The bike is heavy for me to move around. I am 5'6" and weigh 118 lbs. I am recovering from a total hip replacement. I have to make sure I take off with my good left leg since I have very little strength in the right. This is the first ebike I have owned with a throttle. We don't use the PAS that much since it is fairly flat in Phoenix. We like the throttle to get us across busy streets. I am sure I will use the PAS when we take longer trips but right now it is way too hot.

We plan on getting the Craftsman 50 gallon totes to store the bikes and to take them on trips.

The key position is awkward. I hope they change this in the future.

With the changes made I am enjoying the bike. I'll update info if needed.
Hi Shelley,

What handlebar did you purchase from Amazon? I'm also looking for a 25 degree swept back for XP 2.0.
Hi Shelly. Like the handle bars you added. Can you tell me the name and model number of your handle bars that you bought on Amazon? Cheers!
Found the handle bars Shelly bought. "UPANBIKE Bike Handlebar Urban Road Bike Retro Handlebar Moustache Shape Extra Wide Dutch M Shape"