The Art of E-biking

Davey Do

Goofy, Illinois
My e-bike, Charlie, a Pedego Element, came into my life just last November, and has greatly enhanced my life....

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Any of life's occurrences are opportunities for art...


So I thought I'd share my e-bike inspired art and maybe others will share theirs.
I put up some posters for a bicentennial commemorative bike ride of the Pigeon Roost raid of 1812 at Jackson County Indiana. A Shawnee band on horses attacked some Anglo trespassers at their farm before dawn, executing them. The natives lost the War of 1812 big time. England promised to keep settlers east of the Appalachian mountains, but committed no police to enforcement.
I'm a third native Am. I rode my bike in the rain from my summer property 12 miles over to the highway historical marker at dawn.
Nobody came.
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The topic is the art of e-biking, and this is how I feel when I ride Charlie:

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I've had my helmet for years, and back when I stayed on a midnight schedule due to my job, I used to do a lot of biking at night on the rural roads around my home. The few vehicles who came upon me did not switch to low beams as they approached, so I took a strip of reflective tape and blacked out areas so it spelled out the word "LIGHTS!". This seemed to help, because the motorists responded appropriately.


A few old friends and I get together every now and the at a bar & grill called the "Do Drop Inn" that's about 5 miles from my place, so I e-bike there. I walked in one day and no one was there besides the barmaid, and I said, "This place ought to be called the 'Do Drop Dead' because it's as quiet as a morgue!"

One thing led to another, and eventually my group of friends and I referred to ourselves as the "Dew Drop Dead Heads", hence the logo.

The Donald Duck sticker is because I've identified with him since I was a little kid, having the same initials and all.
Here's some pics originally posted in my intro thread:

The controller cover-


From "Pedego" to "Davego"-


And the front badge-