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Just got an email from SuperNova regarding upgrading the headlamp on the ST2 to the new M99. They indicated that the M99 will not work on the ST2. No further explanation given.
Does this mean all M99 models? M99 Pro, M99 Pure & M99 Pure+?

Model specs:

Based on specs, M99 Pro would not work (with all features) unless Stromer provides upgraded firmware and possibly updated cabling to include a communications/signalling bus.

M99 Pure & M99 Pure+ are simple lights, and are potential drop in replacements providing that the voltage and power draw requirements are compatible with the existing Supernova light.
The M99Pro comes without switch or console and OEM only. Assumed you can buy it as a spare part from myStromer AG:
a) run firmware 2.0 on your stromer
b) construct your own switch based on the interface protocol

There are rumours, a new, enriched version of the "app" will come in autumn. I would be surprised, if from now on two different firmware generations would exists...

Both, M99 Pure & M99 Pure+ did not have the high beam - and run with 6V resp. 12V. Voices said, Supernova might keep the M99Pro exclusive for only one year.
After fussing to buy supernova without fenders for st1, and getting it and my supernova on st2, I went back to supernova + quick attach/detach stream light. 60$, batteries kinda pricey, but adjusted far and supernova close- I can comfortably cruise at 25. Flashlight comes in handy when needed elsewhere too. Even this super m99 is of little help when changing flat at night. But I am impressed with that comparison photo of the two.
Kinda takes the super out of my mighty supernova.
I carry a Light and Motion Urban 850 on my bike. It serves to improve visibility at night and it doubles as a flashlight. I'd prefer not to clutter the handlebar but when I ride in the dark it only takes a few seconds to snap on the light.

In Europe, daytime light is not only very common for motorcycles - it becomes mandatory for almost all motorized vehicles. With 45 km/h you have the city speed of a motorcycle. But with the limited contact surface of the tires a much longer distance to stop. That's why it's very important car drivers recognize you NOT a slow bicycle (what typically happens because all typical bicycle lighting have more or less the "laser pointer" design). The clear different signature of the ST2s follows the design language of the automotive and motorcycle industry.
I just purchased a SuperNova M99 Pro to install onto my Haibike Fullnine RC with a Yamaha motor. What I discovered is the Sduro line only puts out 6v for the lights. I will be trying one of the M99 Pure units to see if those will work. The M99+ requires a 12v system. I have written to Supernova asking about the compatibility of the M99 Pure with the Sduro line.
I just purchased a SuperNova M99 Pro to install onto my Haibike...

And why don't you did it?

Forget these inferior power outlets which some manufacturers provide. The SuperNova M99 Pro is capable be connected direct to the battery. No matter what voltage 24, 36 oder 48.
... is not compatible with any of yamahas engines.

In terms of "plug and play" I agree. The point is: The M99pro retail version shall be connected to the battery, not to the engine. The OEM version must be connected to the engine ( = controller) because of the CAN-BUS protocol. For consumers, the M99pro shipment should contain this pushbutton:


Years ago, the tech guys from Stromer connected a special, extreme powerful headlight to the circuit of my own Stromer. At this time, a voltage converter was necessary (Today: Integrated in the M99pro). They put the whole stuff between the battery connector (inside the downtube) and the wiring towards the controller:


How does this section looks like on your Haibike, is it accessible?
The M99 Pro I had purchased did have a switch that was intended for the high beam. I am not comfortable installing the pro directly into my battery and the access is not available to my view. So I just installed the M99 Pure which is a 6v unit that can be controlled from the 4 way pad on the Sduro.


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When I get the chance I will take a photo of the light in daylight. I'm not familiar with the other brands you mention.
Has anyone tried to install the M99 Pure on the ST2? Will it fit on the same mounting bracket as the stock/included Supernova headlight?

Also, the stock/default is a 6V light, right?
Mark K, You also installed the Supernova E3 2 Tail Light. You say, "I can simply say that their tail light is bright and waterproof." That is indeed simple. I'm considering installing it on my e-bike, but I want a bright light that is plainly visible to motorists in daylight. Can you compared it to any well known tail lights, like the Cygolite or Light & Motion? Maybe a day and night photo? TIA.

OK I have finally been able to do a comparison at dusk with an automobile. You can find those images here.
Understood. Hope you didn't lose too much money; how was the night-riding experience?

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Hi bluecat sorry for the late response. The Pure is excellent for illumination at night! I have written an entire review of my experience including a new mounting solution I just installed for the M99 line of lights: You can read my review here.
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