Stromer ST1 rear wheel problems


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Help!!! Going up hill using power assist level and bike started to bog down and a message started flashing on my display-ICCUR-I believe and everything stopped working. The display is dead and the wheel moves by hand but with great difficultly. Checked wires and changed out battery to no avail? Any suggestions???
Stromer doesn't have a complete list of error codes on their website; however, CURR implies something to do with the current. Researched several online blogs on the Stromers and there seem to be 2 common problems: not connecting the charger to the battery & wall socket in the proper order, so the battery isn't charging correctly or at all and second, a missing spacer between the freewheel and the frame which allows the smallest sprocket to rub on the frame. This small drag on a pretty good hill could cause an overload with the motor trying to draw too much current in order to power up the hill. If this is the case, you will need that spacer; however, there may have been damage to the motor. Make sure to disconnect and reconnect those motor connector wires; don't just examine. Sometimes a static charge remains that is dissipated when the wires are disconnected and allows the system to reset. If you are missing the freewheel spacer, you will still need to replace that to prevent future issues with the motor or damage to your frame.
Previous to this experience-within a few days-it was 45 and raining hard. I put my Xtra-Dry rear fender on and went for a ride. The temp dropped that night to 20 degrees. When I got on it the next day to go to work the rear wheel would not budge. When I got home that night I brought it in the house for an hour. The wheel moved freely. I put it outside-in the lower 20s-and checked it approximately 3 hours later wheel still moved. Road to work the next day. Eight hours later I got off and went to ride it and it would not move at all. Brought it inside for an hour an was able to ride it home. The latter mentioned problem happened the next day. All the spacers and washers are in their appropriate places also.