St-2 Thru axle bolt on back wheel


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I messed up today, trying to re-torque the rear axle on my ST-2. I inadvertently must have over torqued it and it is "frozen up" to the point where I broke the 5mm allen key trying to get it loose. Has anyone else run into this problem at some point? I'm trying to loosen it by going counter clockwise as one face's the bolt head. (lefty -loosie). Could not budge it even with an impact driver...thinking at this point that I have probably messed up the threads for the bolt?
I would take it to a machinist at this point. Ofcourse speak with Stromer first.They could have some ideas on bolt removal techniques and retapping of threads , and adding a helicoil. They will probably work through the hole on other side. Be careful with the torque sensor as it is around that area. I am always concerned about this on mine when reinstalling axle bolt.