Sprung seat suggestion for Spec' Tero 3


I have been exploring suspension seat posts and other options for my Tero 3. I don't have a lot of room for a seat post, as there is not much exposed post due to my 29" inseam. I had a suspension seat, (has exposed springs on the back) on my old MB that worked quite well but it finally died and has no markings on it to identify the manufacturer.
I don't need cushy comfort, just looking for something to take a little of the shock out of sharp edged impacts such as pavement breaks and when riding off road. I know there is a million seat options and it's all subjective but I'd be interested in anyone that has used a suspension seat, (not seat post) on a MB, what model it was and how you liked it. I'm about 215# geared up.

Thanks for any replies.
I think you are in the beginning of a long, expensive, and painful quest to find a "comfortable seat". I have completed a similar journey and can report that after thousands of km ridden on several e-bikes over 3.5 years, and tons of money spent on saddles, I found the Specialized Bridge Sport (yes, the stock saddle of your Tero 3.0) the most comfortable of them all, and many gravel cyclists share my opinion :)

Fortunately for you, your Tero has no dropper seat post. With the 30.9 mm seat tube diameter, you might try a Kinekt 2.1 suspension seat post if of course your inseam allows fitting the Cirrus Cycles seat post so it has enough of play on your Tero for your body height.

"Perhaps there is a world where bicycle saddles are made of a cloud and stuffed with the rainbow. In this world, it is better to get used to something hard, old chap" as Jerome K. Jerome wrote about bike saddles already in early 1900s :)

Ride on!
I barely even notice the difference with the sprung seats i have tried, i have only had 2 but neither was very effective.
I saw a cheap sprung noseless so im gonna give that a try but im starting to think the search for the perfect seat never ends lol.
I had a spring seat on my pedal MB and it helped absorb some shock from bigger hits when I couldn't get up on the pedals in time but it long since died and there were no identifying marks on it. The fact that there are many dozens of choices makes it more difficult unless you can try before you buy and that's not feasible. Thanks for the replies.
just looking for something to take a little of the shock out of sharp edged impacts
The Brooks flyer is a very sturdy sprung saddle made with a high-quality leather which will break-in and form to your specific anatomy over time. It is also seamless so there is no stitching that can irritate your skin. Around $100 on Amazon.