Best Cross Country E-Mtb for Commuting + child seat


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Hi all,

I have a 30 mile, round trip to work and am trying to go the e-bike route. I’m trying my best to stave off the n+1 and am seeking a cross country mountain bike that would double as a commuter and occasionally carry my 4 year old 30 pound toddler on a rack mounted child seat.

My budget/range is still under review (wife), but I’d wager $1800 minimum up to $3500 maximum, depending on the business case I draft up. My wife is 5’3 and I’m 5’7, if I can pitch that we both will easily fit on the bike that’d be ideal.

Hard tail, front suspension, are my must haves. Ideally a 27.5” or 29”, not interested in fat tires.

I’m in Seattle so a lot of rad bikes around, I’m trying to research why not to buy one, as my better half has already been pushed in that direction.

Trek e caliber
Trek powerfly
Specialized turbo tero
Scott aspect
Giant talon

Are there any key differences between these? I think priority would be range and ability to handle around 225 pounds total (currently 175#, with a 35# toddler. Maybe they’ll get up to 50# and I’d still use it, but doubtful.

My other concern is weight distribution, am I seeking an option that isn’t really available? The rad bike I road felt like a small motorcycle, which was confidence inspiring with the kid on the back, not sure how big of a difference an e mtb that’s rigged up with a similar kid seat would feel.

Thank you!