Specialized vado 5.0 radar broken c


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Hi all

Love my vado 4.0 bike have had it for more than 14 months without a tyre puncher.

I recently took it for firmware upgrade at a dealer and two weeks later I was 15 miles out enjoying a weekend ride when the bike began to shut down on me.

Turns out the errors were TCD-W related but still currently unknown what the cause is. Gutted


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Turns out that the radar module is defective hence the bike switching off.

Solution is to change the radar.. unfortunately 6 week wait for the part to arrive.

Riding the bike without radar at the moment
Mine also did this. It looks like the tire would hit the wire under the fender at times and it wore through and broke. I am also now waiting on a new radar. :(
No. I haven't noticed any difference
Cheers looks like another problem then. When the battery gets to around 41 °% the bike starts to drop cadence and jumps at time. Not noticing this at 100%... what junk