SOLD Riese & Muller Superdelite GT Rohloff HS 2020 - £6,499 (save £2,275 of RRP)


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I'm selling my lovely bike to buy an even more expensive one. However, my loss is your gain. I'm discounting the bike for a quick sale. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Key facts
  • Purchased: 17/06/2020
  • Paid the RRF £8,340 inc. VAT + £434 extras (see below) - total RRP value £8,874
  • Retailer: Fully Charged Arch 6, Unit 5, Crucifix Lane, London
  • Current Millage: 1304 km - 810 Miles
  • Checked over at Fully charged's workshop 6th October 2020
Sale Includes
  • Superdelite GT Rohloff HS
  • Frame height 51 cm (body height 1.7 - 1.85 m)
  • Original pedals - hardly used
  • Original manual
  • UK S-pedelec certificate
  • Bosch key - fits the batteries and lock
  • £434 of additional items included (original prices show):
    • Two R&M transport covers (battery housing covers) £78
    • Honju Bike leather pouch for Bosch Kiox - £16
    • Schwalbe Hurricane tyres - £36
    • Hexlox secured: Both wheel axels, saddle, seat post and rear shock - £204
    • Schwalbe Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus - £78
    • Schwalbe Air Plus inner tubes (puncture resistance upgrade) - £22
The bike is in excellent working condition as you can imagine for a four months old bike. It was taken for a check at the dealers on 6th October.

It’s always stored in my insulated garage and been cleaned on a regular basis. There are some minor scratches - but nothing that is noticeable unless you get very close indeed. The bottom of the cranks has some cosmetic damage. This bike is designed to cope with rough tracks so there will always be some scratches.

Why am I selling?
This bike has been a gateway into cycle touring for me. Until I purchased this bike I only used my Brompton for short commutes around London. It never occurred to me to do cycle touring. After buying the bike I went on three rides Hadrian’s wall then C2C and Coast & Castles. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However, I learned that it’s not possible to take your batteries on a passenger plane.

While the bike is still in near-new condition, I want to sell it to fund the purchase of an IDWorx titanium touring bike (€10k+). I hope to cycle in Nepal next year. Unfortunately, I’m not wealthy enough to own this bike and another expensive bike - just ask my wife!

This is an expensive bike - am I legit?
I’m an active member of the electric bike forum and have written an unhealthy amount about the Superdelite

You can also call Fully Charged in London and ask to speak to Ben, Alex or Harry - they will all tell you about the mad Georgie that’s always bothering them.

I will give you a copy of the original invoice.

Please note that whenever one purchases a bicycle the warranty is only with the original owner. Although I can guarantee that this bike is in perfect working condition and as described, I can’t transfer the manufacturer warranty. I’m sure Fully charged would be happy to carry out services at a reasonable cost.

A bike that's highly recommended by reviewers
Do some research on the 2020 Rohloff model. The forums are a great place to get "the real people’s" feedback. Here’s a fair review that motivated me to buy the bike:

With every bike, there are pros and cons. For me, the cons are that this bike weighs 32.5 Kg. It feels light when you are riding it, but lifting it can be a struggle. It’s also a full-sized bike, so it was a struggle to fit it into LNER’s stupid bicycle broom cupboards.

Not included
Please note the external pump, cargo net, rear radar, bags, D-lock and Wahoo GPS shown in the photos are not included in the sale. The photo of someone removing the Bosch PowerTube is just for illustrative purposes - those aren’t my tyres.

Test ride and seller security
As you can appreciate, this is an expensive bicycle and, unfortunately, there are scammers out there. I suggest that you go to a dealer if you want a test ride. If you like the bike then come to see me. You are welcome to check the bike thoroughly - I have a Park stand. Sit and try it in my back garden and bring a friend. You'll see it's in perfect working order. However, it's too big a risk to see my £8,340 bike disappear down the street, possibly never to return.

I'm located in the London - address given to serious buyers on request.

Payment - buyer security
I will only accept cash payment. If security is a concern we can go down to my local bank and you can pay into my account in a secure environment. Once payment has been made you can collect the bike immediately afterwards. I'll put on the tea and we can celebrate! I'll also transfer the logbook on both the Reise & Muller website and
the Police website Bikeregister.

Delivery option
If you're happy to buy the bike based on this description and you live further afield I could arrange for delivery. I'd have to work out the delivery cost based on your address. Payment would be by bank transfer only. Once funds had cleared I will dispatch the bike. A signature will be required to prove you've received it.

No offers
I appreciate everyone wants a bargain, but I'm selling this bike for £6,499 - that a saving of £2,275 (bike + extras). That's a huge discount for a nearly-new bike.