So It Took A While


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I've been circling the e-bike thing for a while (registered here in 2016), but the itch intensified recently. Read everything here, watched the YouTube videos, spent time on E-Glide's site, and checked out the Facebook group. This morning I talked with Dave and ordered an ST with the battery and tire upgrades. He told me I should have it by Friday. I'm looking forward to my first ride!

By way of introduction, my name is Warren and I live on the Kitsap peninsula of Washington, just across Puget Sound from Seattle. I was a recreational/commute bike rider in my earlier days, but it's been several years since I've had a bike.
Nice bike. I replaced the flat bars with higher swept bars and installed a dropper seatpost. The changes have made the riding position more comfortable and make it easier to get a foot on the ground at a stop.

I hauled the bike with me on a road trip recently (I've got a hitch mounted 1UP USA bike rack that works great) and rode a couple well known trails, the Wabash Trace headed south out of Council Bluffs and the Hiawatha Trail on the Idaho/Montana state line. Really appreciated the suspension on both rides.