Shred chain falling off.


Anyone else have an issue with their chain falling off the front chain ring? We own two Shreds and my wifes has fallen off the front chain ring 3-4 times and mine 2-3 times. Chains are cleaned and lubed and the bikes only have 400-450 miles on them. 1st several times my wifes chain fell off we were riding on some really bump gravel roads. Next several times it fell off we were riding on a blacktop road with very few bumps.
We just finished up this last week riding while out camping. A mix of dirt trails, gravel roads and paved roads. Hers stayed on and mine fell off once.
Prior to this trip the bikes were stock.
This trip out I added front chain ring chain guards. Guess they didn't help completely.
I'm wanting to add the downtube style chain stay but the battery seems to be in the way for most of them. I bought one brand but it wouldn't fit because of the battery.
Not sure what else I can do except add another chain stay to the inside of the front sprocket. I notice other brands that have nice large chain stays on both sides of the front sprocket.
Any ideas would help.
WolfTooth Components and a handful of other manufacturers make chain guides you might take a look at.

One of the potential issues with them is they are typically designed to clamp around a ‘typical’ MTB seatpost, meaning basically a round pipe, which may not be conducive with some ebike designs.

There is this I came across, which mounts to the bike’s chainstay….don’t have any personal experience with the design.

I put some graphite front sprocket chain stays on and they worked great. Finished up 7 days of riding semi bumpy roads, bumpy trails and washboard gravel roads and neither chain fell off.
Wish Surface 604 would just put two sided chain stays on like Aventen or Himiway does.