Service on the engine?


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Hi, so glad to find this forum. Turbo owner for year and a half, 3500 miles so far. my question is does anyone know of regular servicing required for the assist engine? My dealer are good guys but they know very little about he turbo, understandably, and when i asked he said he asked specialized and they said none needed. i started this thought process when looking at the manual and the service log in the back, implying a regular check on the engine. its ran incredibly perfect for 3500 miles, starting to get a tiny pulsing at full turbo, just want to ensure i'm not missing the equal of an "oil change". :)

anyone know about engine service / maintenance?
I have understood that direct drive motors require very little service because there are no mechanically wearable parts inside like in geared hubs. I heard from a Specialized expert that sometimes a calibration may be necessary if there is uneven power supply but I understood that is something that does not come with age or mileage but rather the motor can be badly calibrated already coming from the factory (manufacture error).
thanks Marko, the bike is just too good to be true!! :) love it love it... strangely sales in my city are still non existent to speak of.
If you live in the United States, sales are for the most part non-existent. Ebikes are a highly esoteric product in North America. In cases where your local bike shop does not have sufficient expertise or experience (common), simply ask them to contact the service dept. at Specialized and inquire about long term maintenance and your pulsing issue. Most brands are pretty good at hand holding dealers through issues. I have a BMC ebike and, as far as I can tell, it is still too early to understand long term wear issues. Specialized may be in the same camp.
This is what I heard from Specialized Germany: "If the motor does not run as smooth as before it may be inadequately calibrated. This also can only be done by specialized or a goswiss service center in Germany." From Specialized Nordic service I received the following advice on how to test the need for calibration: lift the rear wheel in the air, pedal a little and then stop pedaling and observe if the pedals keep moving by themselves. If they do, recalibration is needed.