Creo Locked in Sport


Before I take my bike in which I really don't want to do, I thought I would ask here if anyone has encountered this concern. Twice on different rides, the power setting was locked in the Sport mode. I couldn't go up (Turbo) or down (Eco or off). Both times, I just rode it back home in the Sport mode. When I got home I powered off and turned it back on again and everything works fine. The first time there was no diagnostics on my end. I just felt it was a one time occurrence. The second time, I noticed that The TCU displayed that I was in Turbo(Orange) although Garmin showed Sport (3). By the amount of power, it felt like it was stuck in Sport.

I contacted Rider Care and they claim that they can see there was an error occurred in the motor. Didn't even know that this was possible. I asked, is this something I could see? He said in was in the Mission Control app. I asked if it was under Advanced Diagnostics and he said yes. I looked there and there was nothing there. I relayed this information to him and he said he could see it on his end. He also said he can see that I need an update in the firmware. I told him the app shows that I am up to date on all 3 components. I asked him which component needs updating and he said the motor. I asked him what time and date was the error logged. He said July 14. I told him I didn't even have the bike powered on or rode the bike that day. It ended with me agreeing to take it back in. My history with the shop isn't good and I don't want to waste their time or mine. I still haven't mentioned to the shop the noise concern that I found and fixed that they couldn't for over 3 months and 3 visits to them.