Second Turbo X Vibration in rear wheel


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Just picked up a second 2015 Turbo X on sale for my father. I have ridden it around 30 miles and noticed at 19 - 21 mph there is a vibration in the motor that vibrates the whole bike at a low amplitude but a high frequency. Any speed below or above has not vibration. Its kinda similar in feeling to when you use regen at low speeds.

Anyone else seen that on their rides? You can also feel a slight vibration when walking the bike every 1/4 turn of the rear wheel; otherwise it rides great.

I talked to the Specialized Dealer and they felt it , but they didn't offer to fix it/replace the rear wheel, so I may have to be a little more stern about the issue and request a new wheel. I hate being that guy.

Just curious if anyone else has a similar effect on their ride. My other 2015 with 3000 miles on it doesn't have this at all, so I feel pretty good about the request to get a new rear wheel.

I wouldn't feel bad about being aggressive at getting it replaced. The dealer should be compensated by Specialized for warranty work. To me, this sounds like a manufacturer defect and Specialized should fix it. If the dealer refuses to fix it, call Specialized 1 (877) 808-8154 (US Number). Any vibration is going to be bad over the life of the bike, weakening components, etc.
Well, it's not a 2016 product, If it's used or demo unit, it may not have more warranty. If the dealer can't confirm warranty or no warranty, then definitely contact Specialized. Sometimes the dealer gets it wrong and other times the dealer's hands are tied by what the manufacturer tells them about warranty. In the latter case, it can be beneficial to contact the manufacturer who may be willing to do more. Our shop has contacted various manufacturers over the years in such cases and sometimes the manufacturer is willing to go beyond what we as dealers are told is possible.

I hope that your shop, @jamesthewright, will be willing to do that. One other caveat; however, if you didn't buy the bike from them and purchased it online or somewhere else, then that's a different situation and you might have to go directly to Specialized for help. For pre-owned bikes, warranties aren't always transferable.
It was a unused 2015 unit and was never used as a demo. They had a demo one for 200 less but it was wrong size. I got the bike from a Specialized Dealer so hopefully it won't be a hassle. Ill be talking with them today so I'll let you know.

It definitely feels like a defect as my other turbo has no such feeling with over 3000 hardy miles on it!

Thanks for the input!