SDURO Outer Chainring

I have a 2016 SDURO FullNine RC
At 5000k the front outer chainring is showing wear.

I contacted these guys & asked for the Shimano part number they are using but they wouldn't tell me.
Could anyone advise on that please?

It's made by FSA. You could get this.

I am fairly certain it would work, if not, CRC is pretty generous with returns.
Cycling round in circles.
I placed an order from CRC recently & also asked then about the chainring.
Here is their reply.

We don't stock a compatible chainring for your bike I am afraid as none of our stock is e-bike rated and would wear out quickly. If you contact Hai Bike they should be able to let you know what you need.

I am sorry I could not have been of further help but if you need any more advice please let me know.

So hence my question on this forum.
Anyone else with the same bike had to replace the outer ring at around 5000k.
I have a friend who has the earlier model with the single 42t front ring.
He replaced his around 10000k.
After that comment from CRC I am wondering if mine could be a bit light for the job.
I have a 2016 Haibike Sduro RC.. I'm pretty sure any number of chainrings and crank sets are available. It's really nothing ebike specific. Standard MTb parts. I would go with a midrange setup like shimano XT or something. They are way more durable than any of the lighter weight high end stuff. I'll try and find a direct replacement and reply later
5000 km.. omg i have not even done 300 miles and replaced chain 3 times, rear cassette one and the 32 tooth middle ring. i updated to 11 speed, so that i could be sure to ge parts. i use XT 8000 evel Cassette, shiftes and rear mech. I use SRAM 11 speed chain as it ships at 118 links and fits straight on and they are cheapish ( i carry one in my backpack as well) i used a Raceface front chain ring. i hardly use the large ring.. ( too fast for the single track i ride) so its still ok. looking fro a replacement that is not stock. Updated the crank arms to Shimano 170 mm to try and stop the crank strike.
Just reviving this thread.
As yet I still haven't found a suitable chainring for my SDURO Fullnine.
This is a 44 tooth 104 BCD 2x10 speed.
I'm told it is the same as: FSA Comet WA341 X-10 104 44t
These appear occasionally on ebay but never available from my location.
I can get a Shimano Deore LX T671 but don't know if its compatible.
Perhaps this image illustrates it better. There are two shift points on the Shimano ring (at approximately 1 and 7 o'clock), using a combination of ramps, pins, and shorter gateway tooth profiles.
You sound like you know your stuff.
Yes it's a bit more obvious on that picture.
I'll go for one of those then.
Thanks for your help.
I would prefer a stock part if possible.
My wife has the same bike in a smaller size.
When mine had done 7k I swapped all the running gear with hers, which only had 2.5k on it.
That bought me another couple of years but eventually I'll need to start replacing stuff.
Yes that is the part number on my current one.
However when I did a google search very few showed up.
New Zealand is a bit restricted in that regard.
What site did you find then on