Scoot E Raytronicks WHY?

Yeah, that scooter design is about 8+ years old with a few revisions (like the poorly placed foot rests). My regional Razor product rep had picked up the line but the product never caught on, too uncomfortable to ride and too small of a motor. The original version had the footrests on the front forks or front wheel and there wasn't any fancy headlamp. The current version is all over Alibaba, so this isn't something that these guys thought up! Better with the lithium batteries than original SLA, but still underpowered and overpriced.

Foldable scissor style scooter.jpg
Is it me or is it just plain ugly too? The footrests on the back seem very uncomfortable. It's being marketed as the newest cool thing for the summer by having "celebrities" seen getting them with "cool" graphics. They look kinda ridiculous riding them IMO. The website is all flash and calling it an ebike is simply not's a SCOOTER. Personally I like my kids Razor E300 over this....agreed about the lithium batteries but that's about it. I have thought about adding Lithium batteries to that scooter but haven't wanted to drop the cash to do it.
The whole hoverboard craze caught on because some celebs were seen on them and I think that's what the hope is here. Do you think there will be battery issues with these or all the cheap knock offs available from China?

$1600 is INSANE for this thing.