Riese & Mueller eBike?


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Hi all,

I read about this eBike from Germany by "Riese & Mueller blueLABEL Charger GT45 HS" and wanted to know if anyone was familiar with the brand? I've just started looking into ebikes, so if anyone has some advice, please share. :)

Here's the link to the bike on their website: 4900$, worth it?
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I also like the Cube SUV hybrid Pro and SL version. They are selling them over here in Europe for 2100$ (pro) and 3000$ (SL), do you think the NuVinci is worth the 900 bucks?

Last question, I plan on doing a 17 mile commute (quite flat), would you recommend a 25kph ebike or a 45kph?

Thanks for advice!
Hi Martin,
What state or country do you live in? If your commute will be over flat roads, you don't need an expensive gear set, and you probably won't need to shift hardly at all. I ride a 20 mile commute with a single speed in Miami, and don't miss the gears at all.

Don't know what the legal speed limit is where you are, but buy a bike that will give you the maximum speed with pedal assist. That CUBE has a 20 mph top end.. That's not good in the USA, but European rules are what they are. Still for $2100 it seems like a good deal, so take it for a ride!

Wherever you are find out what bikes are being sold locally. Ride as many as you can from cheap to exp, pick one or two and then start shopping for the best price. If you buy over the internet, at least you can get the bike fixed locally.

Have Fun!
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your quick response! I live in Switzerland but luckily my commute is along a lake, so pretty flat. But I do plan to go in other directions that can get really steep, so I think a need one with gears. I'll follow your advice and try some out... probably my best option.

As for the legal side of it, a pedal assist bike up to 500W and 25kph (15mph) is considered as a normal bike. The ones up to 1000W and 45mph (28mph) are considered as a small motorcycle, so you need a number plate and a proper helmet.

Anyone know about Riese & Mueller?
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Ride a Stromer, I did and my St2 has been nothing but miles of smiles. And living where you do I hear they are all over the place. The one you mentioned I have not heard of. Welcome your soon ebike enlightenment. Enjoy the research, I did months of it. Being in the E.U. you have alot to choose from.