Returned my DJ City Bike


I was very disappointed with my DJ City bike. On Pedal Assist level one, it shot forward all the time. I would do one rotation of the wheels, and it shot forward, I would wait for my companion (on a reguar bike) to catch up, then do one more rotation, then shot forward again, waited for her to catch up, etc. Am very curious as to whether all DJ bikes operate like this, or whether the one I got was defective? Does anyone else own one?
Per my experience today with my brand new bike, I'd say 'No'. My PA1 acts like PA0, and PA2 was too fast until I put it in a higher gear. There are ways to change the percentage of 'assist' on other controllers so I'm going to see if I can mess with the settings; but it might have just been the gear you were in that caused the problem for you. I had the same problem until I experimented with PA settings and gear settings together.

I have a limit to how much pressure I can put on one foot, so it was very important to make this work for my particular needs.

Sorry this thought didn't get to you before you sent it back.

Jas, I am sure glad you like yours! I always wondered whether I got a defective controller. It really shot forward every time I put it into PAS 1. And every time I slowed down a bit and restarted pedaling, it shot forward. Drove me crazy. The other thing I didn't like was how it cut out all the time, when it got to the top range of what it was capable of doing, it would cut out, then restart, cut out, restart, and so on. Even using the throttle, it was so intermittent. It would go 5 seconds, cut out for 5 seconds to slow you down, start up agian for 5 seconds and so on. My new bike is very smooth when I use the throttle, it does not cut out on me like the DJ did. And there is no lurch at all when I put it into PS 1.