Replacing an Ancheer controller


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I bought an Ancheer Mtn Bike second hand and the controller needs to be replaced. I can't find one on line from the Lishui, but I think I found one from Hailong that looks like it might work. Does anyone know if they can just be swapped out or not. I haven't had any luck with Ancheer for some reason or I would just buy it from them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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This is the controller that goes in the Hailong style battery case? Those are KT controllers.
You want to look thru this thread.
I was involved in the discussion. At the end, the poster couldn't get his new controller to work with the Ancheer display, so they were likely to be incompatible. You would probably want to buy both the controller and the display, and now you're spending $100-110 without knowing if the motor is good.