Replacement Battery for original Pace 350


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I have an original Pace 350 with about 2500 miles. My distance per charge seems to be decreasing and I think the battery is wearing out. Aventon currently does not have a replacement in stock. Anyone know of a computable replacement.

This is seemingly a reputable company that Aventon recommended to me since they don't sell this battery anymore for my own Pace 350. Plan to buy it in the 17.5 AH capacity just make sure to get 36v versions for it to work with Pace 350.
i would reach out to aventon directly on their support site, i reached out recently about a different part no longer in stock on the website (rear rack) and the rep quickly pointed me to something compatible on amazon i plan to purchase in the near future. i was surprised how helpful they were! i think i heard back within a day or two.

i will note i have an aventon pace 500 original with about the same miles and have noticed i've needed to start charging more often too. let me know if you end up buying the battery and how the process goes, i'm tempted to hold off for another year or two and just charge more since i usually never bike more than 20 miles at a time.