Replaced Giant Fastroad EX Pro with Trek 8s


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Review 2021 Trek Allant+ 8s...

This bike is extremely well built and powerful. I love how it rides and it is extremely sturdy. If it were a vehicle, I would liken it to an AMG Mercedes Benz GLE 63 S. It is fast and never fails to deliver power as you push the pedals. The bike is heavy to lift, but when you are riding, it feels light and responsive. I did not like the grips or the seat, so I replaced them with an Ergon’s GP1 and a Velmia saddle. Even though this bike has a rigid fork, it is still very comfortable. I swapped the stock tires for Schwalbe Super Moto X's. Great tires in my opinion.

Now, the rack is an exercise in scratching your head. Really Trek….why? Why not just use the same rack that is on the 7s? Everyone doesn’t need or want to run panniers. I solved that problem by just using a saddle bag (2.5L). I also use all of the bottle cage mounts, 2 for bottle cage storage containers, which work very well.

The Cobi mount by Bosch is another low point. I just don’t like it on a bike that is $4500.00 US. Giant’s Ergon 2 controller and RideDash EVO, are both superior to the offering from Bosch/Trek. I don’t want to use my phone for seeing metrics that should already be displayed on a device provided by the manufacturer. I also love the option to turn my lights on or off. This is harder to do with the Cobi app, and just makes things more painful.

I do get great range out of the 625watt battery. The Bosch Range extender online calculator has been spot on. I could probably get almost 100 miles in ECO mode only. When I ride in TOUR mode only, the 8s delivers around 60 miles per charge.

This bike replaced a 2021 Giant Fastroad EX Pro. There are three things the Giant bike does better than 2021 Trek 8s in my opinion:
  • Controller
  • Display
  • Rear rack integration
In every other way, the Trek is superior, and if I had to choose, I would still choose the Trek.

Pros of the 8s:
  • Fast
  • Responsive motor
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful
Cons of the 8s:
  • Heavy
  • Display
  • Controller
  • Rear rack


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Yup, the Allant racks are incredibly weird. I'm not a fan and I have heard rumors that they are getting replaced soon.
The LBS did install a rack on my Allant 9 that allows me to use a trunk bag. The specfic thread on the 9s could be of help to you