RadRover with no hub power and won't go backwards when pushed.


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Hi all!

My 2018 RadRover Electric Fat Bike turns on (display and light), but the motor supplies no power to the rear wheel either in pedal assist or through the throttle (the battery is fine). And when I try pushing the Rad backward, it's like the rear hub is locked. But I can pedal the bike (forward), but only through my own leg power (and I hear no grinding noises either).

Any thoughts on this problem? Thank you!
So sorry no one even tried to help. Did you take the wheel off and spin it. Have you tried to take the wheel apart? Any feedback from Rad?

This is a geared hub motor, yes? Sprague (one way) clutch, yes?
Disconnect the motor from the controller.
If it now rolls backwards freely then there's one or more shorted power FETs in the controller.
Thanks guys, but I just gave the bike away last week. I just couldn't figure out an answer to the problem, and I ran out of time!