RadRover details - Video requests!


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Hey everyone - I'm on vacation for the next two weeks and looking for some fun projects to work on.

I own a RadRover and Kuat NV 2.0 hitch rack that I'd like to do some follow ups on and bring content that is either non-existant or limited elsewhere on the web.

If anyone has any requests that they'd like to maybe see in a video or something to go over that I can accomplish --Please leave a comment! Looking to get an idea of what existing users or possible new buyers are curious to see that they have yet to see in detail elsewhere.

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i would like to see how the rover fits on the kuat

also if the work stand on it can hold the rover

thanks for taking the time to do this kind of thing
I actually already did a couple videos on this!
Hope these help!

I go over the hitch rack using my RadRover as an example

I show what it does when rolling down the road on the back of the vehicle

How to properly secure the radrover onto the rack (must remove or modify front fender)

And due to the above - I show how to cut & trim the front fender to use the Kuat rack safely!
awesome, thorough videos

thanks for posting those

looks like you are getting less forward/back movement on the kuat than i am on my 1up
i actually think the 1up arms are not as long as they should be to accomodate the rover tires

it is fine around town but with semis passing me on the highway i have not been happy with how much movement there is
Very nice video and eval of the bike rack.

I have the Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4 bike rack. Two things I didn't like about my Saris (and I don't know if it is the same issue with Kuat):

- Same keys for hitch lock and bike locking cable. I don't know how popular the Kuat racks are and if the keys/locks are standard across the product line. The Saris locking bike cable and hitch locks have a single digit number on them for the key type. I'm assuming there are only 10 keys (0-9) available to secure the Saris locks. I was missing the keys and I called Saris with the number on the lock and they mail me a key a few days later (Saris rack was a customer return from Amazon). I felt better using another hitch lock I had from my Softride bike rack hitch. I just use the supplied Saris cable bike lock for around town since the bike(s) are never out of my control. I add additional U-bolts and chains if I'm on the road or have to leave the bike overnight on the rack (like at a hotel).

- I can't tell if the Kuat has the same issue or not. The Saris horizontal rack arm with tire clamps and cable locks are only attached to the Saris hitch arm with only two M10X60mm bolts (the two bolts are circular on one end and uses an Allen key to hold it steady for tightening the locking nuts on the other end). You wouldn't need to a pick a lock, use bolt cutters, or a portable grinder to cut locks/chains to steal the bikes. You could take the entire arm off (with bikes included) with just an adjustable wrench and vice grips. With help from a second person; you could just toss the Saris rack arm with two bike still connected in the back of a truck.

I ended up taking my rack down to a local welder and added some D-rings to the vertical rack arm that extends from the SUV hitch. I can add extra cable or chain with locks to add another layer of security when on the road.
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I believe the kuat has the same setup as you mentioned. Very valid points though! Because of some of the gear I carry I have a lot of HD cables that when traveling out of town I can use them to further lock things down physically to the vehicle along with parking the vehicle back up against something.

I like the idea of having a welder weld on some D rings though. Makes things a bit easier..

Thankfully tho I have a $50 deductible on my vehicle (collision & comprehensive) through Geico which covers also stolen property should any theft happen. And if that's a hassle I also have renters insurance which covers said items. So I'm really not too worried about loosing items. Hopefully at the end of any given trip so it's less weight/better mpg and lack of missing items won't bring a vacation trip down!