[#16][M2S ebike] My new 2023 All-Terrain Cargo ebike.

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[#16][M2S ebike] My new 2023 All-Terrain Cargo ebike..
[this thread will be like no other that I have ever posted here on EBR, so please bear with me.]
This 2023 m2s(brand) AllTerrain Cargo(model) ebike is my newest toy https://sale.m2sbikes.com/products/all-go-cargo.
It is, currently (as of Jan.12, 2024) on sale for $1,299 plus shipping. I live in Colorado, so my shipping cost would be $250. If you live within a reasonable distance of Arden, North Carolina, you can save mucho $$$ by picking it up in person, Just sayin'. Nuff for that info.

Back in August 2023(5 months ago) I really had no concrete thoughts of actually buying YET ANOTHER ebike. However, thanks to the RockitScientists at ArielRider ebikes(the company) AND also their brothers-from-another-mother at ShengyiMotorCorporation(the builder of my 2021 ArielRider X52(model) 1000watt rear hub motor)), I am now the VERY PROUD owner of this 2023 M2S Cargo ebike.

In Aug 2023, My AR X52 ebike developed a motor problem. I'm not going to go into detail about the situation that engrossed me for 60 days as I dealt with the 2 aforementioned companies and their employed minions. Anyway, as I continued to deal with the X52 problem, I was also on the hunt for a potential new ebike toy: a cargo ebike that uses a 20” fat tire and a Bafang 750w/1,000w rear hub motor.

Already being the owner of two M2S(brand) ebikes, a 2018 KUSH fat tire beast with 23,000 miles on its BAFANG motor, and also a 2019 R750 hardtail fat tire beast with 14,000 miles on its BAFANG motor, I was now thoroughly dedicated to the combination of BaFang rear hub motor(750w, or 1,000w), and an ebike battery using the Reention Dorado outer casing/shell.
I had had my eye on the M2S Cargo ebike and also another brand that, while not using the desired battery casing setup, did check most of the other boxes. Decisions, decisions.

I dinked around for 2 months as I contemplated my options. Finally, I received an email from M2S. They had the AllTerrain Cargo on sale for a very limited time with the 48v/20ah (20ah equals a 20 gallon gas tank in my SicPuppy ebike world) Reention Dorado battery, a front suspension fork that was an “air” unit instead of the more common “spring” coil forks found on the majority of ebikes AND free shipping for $1,399.00.. ChaChing.. Decision made.. Deal done. The box arrived at my front door on Oct 20,2023.

Despite the fact that I was thoroughly disgusted with the ongoing fiasco concerning the p.o.s. ArielRider X52(the company AND the ebike itself), and also the rear hub motor builder, ShengyiMotorCorporation and its 1000watt p.o.s. motor, I was quite delighted with my new M2S 2023 ebike purchase. As of today, Jan 14,2024, a period of almost 90 days, I now have 2,721miles on its odometer. So yes, I do tend to get my $$ worth out of my ebike toyz.

For those of you who keep up with my many EBR postings, it is a given that I go out and do a 50-mile ebike ride as often as possible/practical. Hopefully, 7 days per week, but realistically 5-out-of-every 7 is the norm. .
I live in a south central Denver metro location, so I have a wide variety of circuits to choose from. And they all lead back to my lil' condo.

On Nov 1, 2023, I decided that my 50-mile ebike ride would be to Parker, Colorado, a distance of 25 miles, and then back to the condo. And so, I headed out. When I arrived in Parker at the intersection of Parker Road and Mainstreet, I glanced across the busy road and noticed another ebike rider waiting to cross over to my side of the intersection. Since I always appreciate interacting with fellow ebike beast owners, I waited for the crossing to occur and, hopefully, indulge in a basic dialog concerning ebike world.

The other rider was a lady in her 40s/50s and she was astride a RadRunner20” fat tire step-thru ebike. We hit it off immediately. She told me that this was her 2nd ebike. Her original ebike had its lithium battery catch fire and, as a result, Rad Power gave her this complete new RadRunner ebike as a replacement. She was a very happy camper.

Her ebike was her sole mode of transportation (as are my ebikes for me) and right now she was heading over to her work location. I got the vibe that she really loved her job, much the same as she appreciated the lil' motorized RadRunner ebike.

As I looked over her ride, I gave her some pointers in regards to a better type of locking/protection system to replace the small diameter cable/lock setup that she was using (a thief will cut thru that cable like a hot knife thru butter). Anyway, I gave her my email address and told her that I would send her some links (including EBR) to explore. She was a very pleasant person and, since she had to get to work, and I still had a 25+ mile/2 hour ebike ride back to the condo, we parted ways.
Later that day, I would receive her “information” and, soon thereafter, I dispatched an informational email to her. And so, life went on.

Days later I was going thru email addresses and deleting/removing those I considered dormant. The nice ladies was among them. I went ahead and sent her a quick email saying that, since I had yet to hear back from her, I was going to go ahead and remove her info. If need be, she could always still contact me down the road. She responded with a quick email saying that she had been really busy at work and hadn't even perused the ebike info I had sent to her. However, she would re-establish contact when time permitted. So be it.

The aforementioned interaction occurred the first few days of November2023. It is now mid-January 2024. I am halfway listening to the local TV news station and mention is made of a local cyclist recovering from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run car/cyclist collision. The collision had occurred back on Dec. 2, 2023.

These types of “situations” are, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence in the Denver Megaplex area. And seldom are the car drivers ever actually caught and held accountable. Such is life as a cyclist-ebike or otherwise.
However, what caught my attention was the fact that the fiasco had occurred on south Parker Road- in Parker, Colo. No mention was made about the bicycle being an ebike, but the cyclist was a middle aged woman. I couldn't help but wonder if “she” was indeed my ebike co-hort.

I went to the TV station website and was able to locate the video in question (it is linked below).
I didn't have a name readily available but, after checking my email “trash” section, I was able to recover the early November 2023 email. Sure enough: “Cynthia Geving” – the same person. ShitFire. And she was in a bad way- a very bad way. What to do?? What to do??

I am 72 years old, retired, 100% dependent on my monthly SocialSecurity check. I no longer have “expendable income”- the recent 2023Cargo ebike purchase back in Oct of 2023 had taken care of those $$. I noticed on the TV news website that a GoFundMe page was being setup to aid Cynthia with financial assistance.
I can't imagine that working at SafeWay grocery store and living in the high-cost Denver megaplex area leaves much room for extra$$$. She had already told me that her wonderful RadRunner ebike was her sole means of transportation (as are my ebikes for me).

So, I am going to go out on a limb now to solicit from you, my fellow EBR viewers, a donation, on your part, to the GoFundMe page of fellow ebike fanatic Cynthia Geving:
And, just to give you an added insight:
Cynthia has no idea that I am posting this exploratory thread here on EBR. I don't know if the EBR Administrator will deem it to be “not pertinent to the website objective” and have it removed. Only one way to find out. However, until that situation is resolved, I don't see the point in getting her hopes up, only to have them dashed.

I have been a member of EBR since Jan.26, 2018-- coming up on 6 fabulous years. During that time period I have posted just over 100 threads/messages. As just a general “guess-timate”, those 100 posted threads have generated more than 100,000 “views”. I am quite humbled by those numbers, especially since feedback is, for the most part, few-to-nil. I take that as a positive signal that readers are using my hard earned, and learned, ebike experiences to facilitate a knowledge of “things to know before you spend/waste your $$$ on the wrong ebike”.
Lordy only knows that my missteps have cost me thousands of $$$. However, my boo-boo's/lessons learned have been forwarded on to you folks so that YOU can learn from MY mistakes.

Now I ask that you pay it forward, in a sense, by assisting this wonderful little lady in Parker, Colorado by contributing to herGoFundMe page.

In closing, I have not been in contact with Cynthia since our early November 2023 meeting on South Parker Road. I can't really think of anything I can do/say to ease her “situation” EXCEPT doing what I'm doing with this EBR thread posting. I can always reach out to her later on, after things in her world have settled down/stabilized. GodSpeed.

I recently did a GoFundMe contribution to Cynthia. The contribution form gives the option of “anonymous” or a place for First Name and Last Name. I my case, I used my EBReview handle: “Sic” for first name and then “Puppy” for the last name.

I got to thinking that, since Cynthia most likely doesn't remember me, at least as Sic Puppy, I may have confused her by using a “handle”. Therefore, my next contribution will be “SicPuppy” for first name and “EBR ebiker” for last name. I believe she will get a real hoot out of knowing that a fellow ebiker was looking out for her and her lil' white doggie.

So, if you, the EBR viewer, do decide to send a few $$$ her way, instead of going anonymous, you might consider doing the “ebiker”signature, or something similar, instead. Make her smile for awhile, fer sure.

As for my new 2023 M2S AllTerrain cargo ebike: I really do intend to post a thread on it ($$$ very well spent, by the way) in a month or two. It is AWESOME, fer sure. I will post a few photo's here in the near future.
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